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If you have found yourself being drawn to this page this is a personal invitation from Spirit to offer you an opportunity to awaken and share the Medicine you came here to offer. As Esoterica manifests and grows, part of the Vision is to make available tools and offerings where each individual gets the opportunity to create and manifest their own Ministry. This is crucial in order for self, family, community, and the world to heal. It is the opportunity to be a "WayShower" the world has been waiting for. Spirit has Ordained you to be a "WayShower" of the Medicine/Spiritual Gifts you posses.

What is a Tribe? And why Connect with one along my Journey?

  • A Tribe is a community of people that form a kinship.
  • Where each individual is supported on their Journey.
  • It is a community of like minded individuals who share a common Vision of Truth, but who are Willing to open up their own spirit to the unlimited possibility of the Whole.
  • When one of the Tribe members is in need, the Tribe supports where possible.
  • It is allowing each individual to have their process and honoring them through their transition.
  • It is about loyalty and respect to each other, and honoring and supporting each others spirit and the Medicine they posses.
  • It is about keeping each other safe from negative forces.
So as you see the word and meaning "Tribe" to Indigenous people is sometimes stronger than family. It is and was key for survival.

If this resonates with you, and you want to hear more, connect with us at