Personal Services Offered

SOUL RETRIEVAL– An opportunity to find the core “You” that may have been separated due to dramatic or subtle trauma; and assistance in reconnection by clearing blocks, making it possible for the client to remember their authentic self.

INNER HEALING WORK– Journey and listen within to Spirit, guides and ancestors, as they assist with whatever healing is most appropriate based on the issue or request. Offering suggestions and insights allowing client optional choices towards healing.

SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALING/REIKI–Every living thing is imbued with energy. Energy healing relies on this universal life energy, which is directed by and through the healer into the recipient. This healing energy can assist in attaining life goals, restoring health, releasing old behavioral patterns and emotional/psychic pain. At Esoterica we utilize tools from Indigenous cultures as well as Reiki.

MEETING YOUR ANIMAL GUIDE- A sacred space is created as we journey to the otherworld to meet and receive messages from your Animal Spirit Guides. Animals are here to teach humans. They have many powerful lessons to give. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.


Reverend Owl Snake-"Remember to Re-member" Celebration Service on 18 March 2012

"Gifts of Healing Day 2011" The Esoterica Tribe Family offered this powerful day of healing and connection free to to the community. The gift was offered and recieved beautifully.

Sacred Wisdom Circle ~ A monthly circle where individuals who desire to answer the sacred call can share and express discoveries and learn tools from each other on how to integrate Truth into ones life. Facilitated by Spirit, Ancestors, and Guides. Journey, Drumming, Chanting, Inner listening, and Sharing Truth as it is Awakened. Potlocuk Call to find out day and time for each month. 510-485-6218

Heal Your Trauma, Reclaim Your Power ~ A sacred circle of participants willing to do what it takes to start the journey back to self. A sacred space where a person can be open and honest, share their voice, and be respected as they reconnect and begins remembering who they truly are. A celebration of one's self. A perfect space for a person healing from traumatic events such as rape, child molestation, physical/mental/emotional abuse, or just for someone who has lost their self. Call for location day, and time. Suggested love offering $20, No one turned away due to lack of funds. Call 510-485-6218

Sacred Drum & Heal Circle held by OwlSnake - Last Sunday of the Month
A Powerful Afternoon of Healing
Join OwlSnake as Great Spirit leads a powerful vibrational Offering as we Drum to Connect, Journey to Receive Spirits Message,and offer a Sacred Vessel for Spirits Healing. It is a sacred shamanic gathering which includes Indigenous-style drumming (Native American/African), chanting, journeying, and sharing. When Spirit calls, hands-on energy work may occur. Not to replace necessary traditional medical treatment. Please bring drums and rattles if you have them, a journal, and water. A few drums and rattles will be available. This is a co-ed Circle not appropriate for children under 12. Suggested Offering $20

1708 Lincoln Ave, near Grand St. Alameda

drum circle
Little Bear Discovery Camp (WINTER/SPRING/SUMMER) ~ Little Bear Discovery Camp is a safe place for children to express themselves through music, art, dance, games and many other activities. The facilitators of the Little Bear Discovery Camp provides children with the care that children need to grow. The camp provides its children with structured games, projects, and activities so that the children are engaged in all they do. Grades Kindergarten through 5th. Call to get that seasons dates and requested offering.

Retreats ~ Spirit Journey, Self Discovery, Ancestral Connection and Healing

Workshops ~ including Heal the Ancestral Lineage, Live and Be Your Passion, Animal Spirit Guide Connection, Spirit Renewal Day, Awaken the Spirit Within and more.