Rituals and Tools

Staff - Works as an antenna, axis, between the 3 worlds, Upper, Middle, and Lower. Usually holds the history and wisdom from the different sources the Shaman may draw assistance from to bring healing and direction to those that are seeking.

Drum - The vessel, vehicle, or horse (depending on what part of the world a Shaman resides) but is used to travel to and from Other worlds. Allows for individual to connect with Spirit, by recognizing the drum beat is in fact the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Medicine Bag - A pouch that holds sacred items that the individual wears around their neck or sometimes waist. These items are trusted to give its natural powers and healing to the one that is wearing it.

Abalone Shell - Used in burning smudge herb. Is a great way to call in the Water element when honoring the 4 elements during smudging. Herb for Earth, charcoal/heat for Fire, and dusting with feather Wind.

Feather - Used to send smudge smoke to where it is called on person or place, and for clearing energy and aura. Chosen feathers can be used as fetishes to symbolize totem birds of flight.

Rattle - Used to assist in the transition to trance state where the Shaman gains access to the other worlds. The repetitive percussion sound works similar to the drum to offer vehicle for other to connect with Spirit.

Sage - Burning or smudging clears a person, place, or object from negative energy. With your clean hands or feather gently pull the smoke towards your heart, then crown, then where your body calls it. At all times remember you are asking the spirits of the sacred plant for its guidance and healing power at all times do this ritual with respect for the gift the plant has offered.

Sweet Grass - One of the most sacred herbs, the sweetness of its smoke is a favorite of the Spirits for its sweet inviting scent. Powerful way of inviting in positive energy, and invoking spirits of love and light into a place.

Cedar - As Sage is a powerful way of clearing out negative energy, so too is cedar. The scent of the smoke is also a way of grounding and centering.

Ceremonial Tobacco - Used as an offering and gift to Great Spirit for listening and blessing our prayers and needs. Not tobacco that is smoked, dry ceremonial tobacco comes from Mother Earth and is preserved to its original form. Nothing added.

Candle - Lit to symbolize light of Sprit and/or Eternal flame. Shines a light so the intention for ceremony or altar can be shined upon. Also representative of Fire Element

Florida Water - A sweet water gift to call the spirits, cleanses negative influences in people and/or spaces, applied during healing rituals. The fragrance of the water is inhaled deeply to induce grounding, connection and healing.

Crystals - Filled with many healing powers, crystals and stones are used for their special ability to release Spirits healing through their specific qualities. They can be individual stones or crystals, or in a strand like Malas (prayer bracelet/necklace).

Glass/Bowl of Water - Offering for Ancestors for their journey, and as a representation and honor of Water Spirits and Element.

Totem Animal and Fetishes- A way of honoring and invoking your animal guides as you seek their wisdom, guidance, and qualities.