“My experience in the womens group was deeply focused without being overwhelming. I've been in therapy before but this really made me concentrate and look at things at an early age. Very beneficial, very supportive. I was able to put a voice to alot of thoughts I normally push away. Rev. Robbie has a great deal of warmth, compassion, and real life experience.” – Christy

“I am writing this letter to thank Robbie Wilson for her willingness to answer the Spirits calling to be used for the purpose of helping others find the Loving Peace and Healing for the hurts this world has left on their hearts. She is truly guided by the Spirit with the Love and Caring she feels for helping others. Thank you for your Love.” - Richard C.

“I have have been to several of the drumming circles led by Robbie Owl-Snake and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is on the pathway to healing. The drumming circles are very grounding. The information that was revealed to me through inner journeying has been helpful and affirming. I have been able to reconnect with the spirit inside me that knows the right path for my life through this work. I have been very impressed by Robbie's leadership in these circles.” – Anne Marie F.

“Talking about the trauma and but then releasing it early on in the sessions was extremely cathartic for me. I no longer dwell on trauma experienced during my child- and teeanger-hood, have been able to actually forgive the transgressor, and have truly begun reclaiming my power by being mindful of where I end and another person/place/thing begins. Rev. Robbie is an excellent guide for healing in many different aspects!” Alameda, Ca. LKB

OwlSnake creates a safe and sacred space for all who seek personal and spiritual transformation. her warm, supportive, and knowledgeable presence has guided me and other participants to go deep within ourselves to find our answers to life's challenges. i recommend her without reservation. - Cathy Dana, wild boar woman

I had always been curious about shamanic practices and journeys, but had no direct experience until I met Robbie Wilson and began attending Esoterica Shamanic Center events. I was amazed by the ease with which OwlSnake was able to lead me into my first guided shamanic journey going both to the animal world and the upper world. I see my mother regularly on upper world journeys and am comforted with the knowledge that her afterlife is pleasing to her. The drumming circles are always meaningful and I enjoy the company of all the participants as well as learning from their experiences. I believe Esoterica Shamanic Center events will deepen the faith and understanding of any spiritual person. - Barbara Snethen

"I've really enjoyed working with Robbie, a kind and powerful shaman. In the drum circle, and one on one work, she has helped me focus on listening to my guides and the issues they want me to work on. " Much love - Jennifer R.

I just wanted to take a moment and share with you my affirmation of a "New Life" and the transformation that has taken place after my amazing experience and participation in your Sacred Shamanic Drumming Circle. My life today through my own personal journey free from drug addiction combined with these powerful drumming circles continues to unfold. I find myself more in tune with my spiritual needs, an outlook on life that is positive and free from negativity, and appreciative of self. These sacred gatherings have set me off on my new journey of life, bringing me closer to God. They have taught me to commune with my heart every night as I meditate and search my inner spirit and guide. I am truly grateful for these drumming circles and for my personal new journey. Doreen G.

I'm so thankful and honored to have the guidance of OwlSnake, to have healed my passed and to honor the guidance and wisdom of my ancestors, as I travel this path, of this world that I continue to rediscover through this journey, with myself and others as we share the many paths of life. Ahsha Ahho, Bearcheeks(Larry Brown)

Owlsnake affirms, without question, that there is a path and wisdom in the journey, for each of us, even if we cannot see it, or stumble into old ways of responding. Her warmth, humor and humility in private sessions and circle is a joy to behold! She holds the mirror for us all to become who we are meant to be in this lifetime. I am so blessed to be able to learn and laugh with Owlsnake! In Gratitude, Katie, Alameda, CA

"OwlSnake is a powerful, insightful, and intuitive healer. She is deeply connected to the Source and the Ancestors. She listens with her whole Heart. She is truly a Wise Woman." Rev. Ouida Joi, Interfaith Minster, Shamanic Practitioner & Intuitive Counselor

I have participated in other drumming circles and attended work shops by well known Shamanic teachers. From these I learned much about Native American Spiritual practices and how they knew 1000s of years ago what scientists have revealed to us in modern times. However, I experienced much deeper jouneys and learned more about myself because of OwlSnake's true Shamanic power. I first encountered my most poweful Spirit Guide in the first drum circle I attended led by her. I call this guide "The Mayan" and I have come to know my SELF more deeply than I beleived possible. There are many who study Shamanism and can play the role. There are others who were born into families who have genetic (physical) ancestry of Shamans, but there are only a few who have both the family liniage and the Soul of a Shaman. I feel that OwlSnake is one who has the power of both. ~Rev. Carol A. Hanson~